DEBORAH MALOTTE & PAMELA RAE are Southern California based collaborative artists (for over 20 years) focused on creating works infused with color, texture, and form. They are recognized for their combination of metal, patina, wood and resin/bronze figures.


DEBORAH MALOTTE “Copper and Patina Artist”


Malotte was drawn to the arts in all its many expressions from an early age.  By the time she was 16, she was already showing her metal sculptures at Nepenthes in Big Sur.


Initially studying art at the Monterey Bay Peninsula College then College of the Desert, she experimented with many forms of art from painting to textiles.  Ultimately, her love of metals, specifically copper, became her chosen art form. Experimenting with liquid chemicals and her torch is how she begins most days at the studio.


“Everything in life radiates an energy, be it a person, a colorful field of sunflowers or the wild and beautiful ocean. Liquid patinas, copper and fire emanating from my torch are that energy to me. The process comes alive and moves and changes before my eyes. I feel I’m more like the watcher, seeing the changing of colors and patterns… waiting for the right moment when it is transformed into something unique and exciting. The process is intuitive and spontaneous and done with a rhythm that makes each work unique. Sometimes this happens magically with little effort…at other times it is a lengthy process of layer upon layers, constantly changing until the desired result is achieved. No two pieces ever turn out exactly the same, nor would I want them to.”


PAMELA RAE “The Art of Communication”


Rae’s life was always surrounded by nature and animals as she grew up in Southern California.  Her serious study of art began with Ramona Rowley, a well known ceramic artist, as teacher and mentor. Ramona helped her from the beginning and gave her the confidence to pursue a professional artist’s career. A meeting with Beatrice Wood, “The Mama of Dada” confirmed the new life, when she was told she had a real feel for the clay and should follow that path. 


More art studies through College of the Desert and apprenticing with the well respected sculptor, John Kennedy, helped refine the work and develop her own style. I work to make the figurative sculptures relate to each other on many levels. Some seem to know each other, while others just show curiosity about the adjoining pieces. Each figure is individually sculpted in resin with wire armatures. The texture and finish of the pieces emulate cast bronze, but sculpting in resin allows me creative freedom resulting in a one-of-a-kind sculpture for each piece.


“I realized communication is the key to almost everything; friendships, lovers, work, animals and nature. When my work shows subtle communication between people and or animals and nature I feel that it touches my audience on a level that everyone can enjoy.”


We try to evoke references to natural and man-made environments with communication as a prominent theme. We hope our unique collaborative work has an earthy feel while still exhibiting the elements of contemporary art.